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Qatar is an exotic nation in the Arab peninsular of the Middle East. This coastal destination is home to more than 2.2 million residents. Qatar offers you a selection of scenic beaches and the ultramodern urban environment and culinary delights of the capital, Doha.

Famous attractions include the Museum of Islamic Art, Souq Waqif, and the Corniche. The capital, Doha, is the home of Hamad International Airport (DOH), which is a 15-minute drive from the city center. Hamad International Airport serves several airlines, including Qatar Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, and Etihad Airways.

Direct flights to Doha depart from Johannesburg and Cape Town. The flight duration from Johannesburg to Doha is approximately 9 hours, 20 minutes. While Qatar retains plenty of features that reflect its rich history, the capital of Doha contrasts this with its ultramodern skyscrapers. The most notable include the Aspire Tower, Doha Tower, and Tornado Tower. Situated on the coast of the Persian/Arabian Gulf, Qatar offers you the opportunity to enjoy time outdoors on one of its numerous scenic beaches, including Four Seasons Beach, InterContinental Beach, and Katara Beach. Immerse yourself in the culture of Qatar, with a visit to the many restaurants offering live music in the capital, as well as the many souqs (marketplaces). Discover the lifestyle of the locals with visits to Souq Waqif and Corniche. Due to the extreme heat of the summer (May – September), the most popular time to visit Qatar is between the months of November and early April (winter – early autumn). You’ll get pleasant conditions during these months, but be prepared to book your hotel room well in advance and pay higher accommodation rates. Additionally, tourist attractions are crowded during this period. Check weather reports in advance, as sandstorms occur occasionally in Qatar throughout the year. While visiting during the summer will give you cheap flights and accommodation rates, get ready for temperatures that exceed 40°C. Such conditions will get even more unpleasant with the sandstorms. If you can handle the heat, pack plenty of sunscreens, hats, and light clothing, and stay up to date on the weather reports. Situated off the coast of the Persian/Arab Gulf is Qatar, a destination in the Middle East, best known for its vibrant capital, Doha, and its huge selection of beautiful beaches. Prepare to discover the genuine Arab lifestyle while experiencing the futuristic scene of the country’s top tourist destination. In Doha, explore a rising world-class destination, which includes breath-taking skyscrapers like the Doha Convention Center Tower and the Dubai Towers. Admire the enchanting avenue that leads to the exceptional Museum of Islamic Art. A visit to the capital would not be complete without visiting the shops at Souq Waqif. Experience more of the Arabian culture with the live music and classic Middle Eastern fare on streets such as Al Corniche Street and Ali Bin Abdullah Street. Experience the incredible beauty of the coast by spending time at the many beaches in Qatar. One of the best places to relax in style is Four Seasons Beach, which not only includes access to the coast but additionally pools, shaded lounges, and a separate children’s pool. In this country, it’s rare to have the opportunity to wear a bikini, and one location that offers this convenience is InterContinental Beach. On Sundays, escape the crowd and enjoy a walk along this stunning 500-meter beach. For thrilling water sports, the ideal venue is Katara Beach, where you will find many visitors parasailing, water skiing, wakeboarding, and more. There are several other gorgeous beaches you can find in Qatar.

Compare several airlines and book your cheap flights to Qatar online at justGO! More popular routes such as Thailand, China, Japan, New Zealand, Vietnam, Malaysia, Australia, Maldives, Sri Lanka, India, Singapore, and the Philippines. Regulations allow you to take one piece on board with you, the weight of which should not exceed 7kg. You may also take one other small personal bag which is to be stored beneath the seat in front of you. If you require a flight booking for a group of 9 or more people justGO can assist you. For the best deals visit Our support team at justGO will gladly assist you with your cheap prices, fares, tickets, advice on vouchers, payments, and changes.

We also offer special offers from time to time on Qatar Airlines so check in with justGO. Our support team at justGO will gladly assist you with your bookings and changes. Choose to fly with Qatar Airways a favorite of many South Africans.
Qatar Airways can be booked with justGO

In case that government regulation requires you to present a negative COVID-19 test result on departure and/or arrival, Qatar Airways will verify this information at check-in and retain a copy of the test result. We request that you bring a filled-out copy of the Customer Acknowledgement Form, which will be collected at the airport’s check in counters. This information is provided by Qatar Airways as a courtesy, and although updated regularly, we recommend you to frequently check back due to the rapid changes in travel conditions, and that you verify travel and entry requirements through independent inquiries before your trip. Qatar strongly recommend passengers to also check the information published by the governments of their origin and destination country before travelling, helpful websites include: International
World Health Organisation Centres for Disease Control and Prevention United Nations World Tourism Organisation The safety, security and good health of their passengers and employees is their highest priority. Qatar Airways is working closely with global and national authorities to understand the latest advice and guidance on COVID-19 (Coronavirus) and operate our services accordingly.
Like all airlines around the world, we have to balance the needs of our millions of passengers with the operational challenges we face due to entry restrictions imposed by a number of countries.

Qatar Airways routes include:

Johannesburg to Doha
Doha to Johannesburg
Johannesburg to Mumbai
Mumbai to Johannesburg
Johannesburg to Beijing
Beijing to Johannesburg
Johannesburg to Delhi
Delhi to Johannesburg
Johannesburg to Bangkok
Bangkok to Johannesburg
Johannesburg to Phuket
Phuket to Johannesburg
Johannesburg to Karachi
Karachi to Johannesburg
Johannesburg to Athens
Athens to Johannesburg
Johannesburg to Istanbul
Istanbul to Johannesburg
Cape Town to Doha
Doha to Cape Town
Cape Town to Mumbai
Mumbai to Cape Town
Cape Town to Beijing
Beijing to Cape Town
Cape Town to Delhi
Delhi to Cape Town
Cape Town to Bangkok
Bangkok to Cape Town
Cape Town to Phuket
Phuket to Cape Town
Cape Town to Karachi
Karachi to Cape Town
Cape Town to Athens
Athens to Cape Town
Cape Town to Istanbul
Istanbul to Cape Town
Durban to Doha
Doha to Durban
Durban to Mumbai
Mumbai to Durban
Durban to Beijing
Beijing to Durban
Durban to Delhi
Delhi to Durban
Durban to Bangkok
Bangkok to Durban
Durban to Phuket
Phuket to Durban
Durban to Karachi
Karachi to Durban
Durban to Athens
Athens to Durban
Durban to Istanbul
Istanbul to Durban 

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